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SAP System Implementer SAP Partner Zhongke Huazhi has offices in Qingdao, Jinan, Shenzhen, and Beijing

Qingdao Zhongke Huazhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as HuaZhi) was established in 2010 and is an information technology service company specializing in enterprise informationization. Shenzhen Huazhiyingqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, and has branches in Beijing, Jinan and Luoyang. Huazhi is a SAP B1 partner. The company's core employees have more than 15 years of information consulting experience. Huazhi is committed to providing informatization and digital management solutions for growing enterprises. Its business content mainly includes SAP ERP implementation, intelligent storage barcode system, product quality traceability solution, intelligent manufacturing MES solution, industrial IoT application development, and project customization development services.

In the process of becoming a good enterprise informatization solution provider, we continue to hone our service capabilities and improve our service levels. Equipped with a comprehensive technical consulting and implementation service team, making full use of mature ERP products provided by SAP and professional knowledge of the industry, it can provide professional and good services to the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises faster and better. The return on investment in informatization projects lays a solid foundation for enterprises' digital transformation.

Through the company's accumulation in the past development process, we have formed our own characteristics and advantages in terms of technical personnel and development management.Accumulated rich software development experience, gathered a group of professionals who are proficient in computer technology and have rich management experience,with rich industry practice as the basis, combined with the actual needs of enterprises, the use of advanced computer software and hardware technology to provide enterprises with various management software development and customization services.

The company pays attention to its own system construction and establishes a standardized management team.The company has passed a series of certification systems and has some qualifications required by IT companies:

  1) Double Soft Enterprise

  2) High-tech E nterprises

  3) CMMI3 L evel 3 Q ualification

  4) ITSS Level 3 Qualification

  5) Computer S ystem Integration L evel 4 qualification

  6) ISO 9001

Self-developed products include:

  A. Barcode Warehouse Management (WMS) Solution

  B. Product Quality Traceability (PQTS) Solution

  C. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Solution

  D. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution

  E. Remote monitoring solution for industrial IoT equipment

Our Team

Huazhi's business team is composed of industry consultants and R & D teams.

  Our consultants have long focused on various related fields such as enterprise, manufacturing, supply chain, financial business, e-commerce, etc., and have closely followed and practiced the full integration of information technology and management practices.Most people in the consulting team have bachelor's or master's degrees in management or computer science. A good business background helps us to better understand the actual management issues facing customers, and to provide professional advice to customers by referring to the industry's advanced practices.

  Our R & D team has various software senior talents such as project manager PMP, system architect, software quality assurance expert, senior system analyst, etc., proficient in mainstream international technologies such as J2EE and .Net, participated in large international and domestic projects, and accumulated Rich project development and implementation experience, software development project management conforms to CMMI3 standards, and can successfully transform the customer's ideal management model into a realistic IT system.

Our Advantage

We are professionals in this field. Our focus on enterprise informationization and supply chain related fields enables us to understand advanced practices and concepts, and can ensure that we provide scientific and advanced consulting recommendations for your informationization construction;

Huazhi is a customer-oriented company. We can and are willing to discuss business issues with customers and build an information system that suits your needs based on this.

Some Of The Customers We Have Served

Assembly Manufacturing Industry

  • 大連里瓦泵業有限公司
  • 山東中航和輝航空標準件有限公司
  • 海斯特泵業(青島)有限公司
  • 浙江寧波福爾達實業有限公司
  • 上海福宇龍汽車科技有限公司
  • 青島海通車橋有限公司
  • 長春安通林華翔汽車零部件有限公司
  • 天津華豐汽車裝飾有限公司
  • 濰坊前進車橋有限公司
  • 青島聯瑞精密機械有限公司
  • 青島北海油封有限公司
  • 青島前哨風動工具有限公司
  • 青島前哨精密儀器有限公司
  • 山東新馬制藥裝備有限公司
  • 青島龙8游戏唯一官网股份有限公司
  • 青島榮安機械有限公司
  • 青島頤佰高科技有限公司
  • 青島意聯機械工業有限公司
  • 青島美光機械有限公司
  • 安丘耀宇機器有限公司
  • 青島威奧軌道(集團)有限公司
  • 青島金華工業集團
  • 山東美晨科技股份有限公司
  • 青島庫曼電器有限公司
  • 濰坊恒彩數碼影像材料有限公司
  • 青島神鋼焊接材料有限公司
  • 青島匯業倉儲有限公司
  • 貝克曼沃瑪金屬技術(青島)有限公司
  • 青島興邦烤箱有限公司
  • 武漢華伍航空科技有限公司
  • 沃科福(青島)金屬制品有限公司
  • 山東東阿鋼球集團有限公司

Distribution Retail Industry

  • 香港譚木匠控股集團有限公司
  • 青島華東百利貿易有限公司
  • 青島丹香食品有限公司
  • 青島鑫升金商貿有限公司
  • 青島刺猬網網絡科技有限公司
  • 昆明實佳健康藥業有限公司

Construction \ Decoration Industry

  • 青島樂豪斯家居科技有限公司
  • 青島利達建筑設施有限公司
  • 山東拜耳建材有限公司
  • 青島巴龍集團有限公司
  • 山東梵果家居有限公司
  • 歐科林格工程塑料(青島)商貿有限公司
  • 青島唐頓家居科技發展有限公司

Trade Industry

  • 青島騎士玻璃有限公司
  • 青島新大和實業有限公司
  • 香港大陸水產有限公司
  • 青島新亞太國際貿易有限公司
  • 青島建邦國際貿易有限公司
  • 青島萊肯貿易有限公司
  • 青島萬維國際貿易有限公司
  • 青島蓋洛普商務有限公司
  • 諸城市愛玲包袋服飾有限公司
  • 青島億恩玻璃貿易有限公司
  • 青島行知建陶進出口有限公司
  • 瓦格斯塔夫(青島)貿易有限公司
  • 佛山翁開爾貿易有限公司
  • 深圳多本貿易有限公司
  • 深圳美醇商貿有限公司

Petrochemical Industry

  • 青島美爾塑料粉末有限公司
  • 青島萊肯塑料有限公司
  • 海灣石油(中國)有限公司
  • 康普頓石油科技有限公司

Food \ FMCG Industry

  • 青島嶗山礦泉水有限公司
  • 青島華東葡萄釀酒有限公司
  • 青島葡萄釀酒有限公司
  • 蘇州聞達食品配料有限公司
  • 濟南海樂西澤亞食品有限公司
  • 海樂香辛料(濟南)有限公司
  • 山東中合果蔬食品有限公司
  • 青島喬瑟食品有限公司
  • 青島丹香食品有限公司
  • 星宇食品(煙臺)有限公司
  • 綠之源健康產業(湖北)有限公司
  • 廣東春曉食品有限公司

Electronics \ Microelectronics Industry

  • 武漢太平愛克電纜有限公司
  • 青島美德材料有限公司
  • 馬勒貝洱熱系統(青島)有限公司
  • 中微光電子(濰坊)有限公司
  • 青島昌盛日電太陽能有限公司
  • 新泰愛克電纜有限公司
  • 卓亞士電子(深圳)有限公司
  • 深圳置富科技有限公司
  • 深圳路華科技有限公司
  • 深圳洲斯移動物聯網技術有限公司
  • 深圳摩碼科技有限公司

Printing \ Packaging \ Textile Industry

  • 青島眾和恒業蜂窩紙板制品有限公司
  • 青島海爾豐彩印刷有限公司
  • 大連瑞光非織造布集團有限公司
  • 許昌振德醫用敷料有限公司
  • 青島愛星清潔用品有限公司

Sheet Metal Injection Industry

  • 海爾黃島電子塑膠有限公司
  • 山西華納機械加工有限公司
  • 佛山正鑫隆電器實業

Our Software Development Quality Assurance Capabilities

Huazhi guarantees the quality of software development under the condition of rapid development through a set of scientific and perfect software project management methodology and software development quality assurance system.

Huazhi Project Management Methodology

Our Technical Capabilities

Huazhi has formed a solid development force based on J2EE architecture and .Net architecture through continuous exploration of technology and practice in many large software development projects.

The entire technical team consists of project managers, software architects, system analysts, software engineers, test engineers, and quality assurance engineers.Huazhi's project managers and software architects have a bachelor's degree in software science, and relevant technical certifications such as Oracle database, .Net, SAP, etc., have rich practical experience in the development and management of large-scale projects;at the same time, in the field of SAP Business One implementation services, our consultants have very rich practical experience and theoretical knowledge. The consultants have passed the official SAP certification exams and can implement SAP Business One for various industries.

In terms of technical capabilities, Huazhi is able to complete the development of most of the popular technologies in the world, so that it can successfully complete the technology development needs from customers.

Contact Us

Huazhi Official Website :

National Unified Telephone :400-8805-661

Headquarters Address Room A902, No.20 ZhuZhou Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao.

Shenzhen Address Room 2#2316, No.98 Chuangye Road, Nanguang Business Building, Shenzhen.

Beijing Address Room 405-3, No.318 Huilongguan East Street , Changping District, Beijing

Jinan Address Room B in 510, Zhengfeng Road , High-tech Zone, Jinan